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Sold by Manufacture directly !  10 pieces at US$19.5 with free shipping by Post . 


5% off for 2 lots . 



Size: 45mm 

Filtering: 10 μm

Pressure: less than 4 Bar

Temperature: less than 60°C (140°F)

UV Ink Filter for Spectra Skywalker Printheads used for Wit-colour Teckwin printer,ect

The shell is made from corrosion resistant material.  There is a high-density metal screen. It can assure  filtering precision and enough ink for print heads.  This fitting is very workmanlike. It is easy to install the fitting and reduce space. According to long time  experiment, it can reduce the blocking rate of print  headss effectively and extend life of print heads.



Packing : 10 pcs/lot 




Printer ink filter Photos : 


uv disc filter



des 2des 1


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