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Other Printer Spare Parts : 

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                                In Stock !!!


Sold by Manufacture directly !  10 pieces at US$19.9  with free shipping by Post . 



Product Features:

  1. The shell made of high quality Polypropylene which in this case is a solvent resistant material.
  2. Reliable and stable performance, large filtration volume effectively filters the oversize pigments in the ink, to ensure a smoother flow of ink into the print head.
  3. Recommendation of the change of filters is once in every 6 months, but really dependent on how you you go through with the inks.
  • Filtering accuracy: less 5 micron filter
  • Pressure range: less 4Bar
  • Color: UV Black 
  • Size: 3.15″ x 1.1″ (80mm x 27mm)

Works on most Grand format printers or bulk ink systems.



Packing : 10 pcs/lot 



Printer UV Ink Filter Photos : 

uv filter  80 1uv filter 80 2




des 2des 1


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