1pcs Super PCB UV photosensitive inks, Green,White,Bule,Red,Black PCB UV curable solder resist ink,solder mask UV ink
Green,White,Bule,Red,Black,which color you
What color is needed, please contact with me
UV light-sensitive green oil with a fast curing characteristics.
The PCB solder mask to protect the paint, repair the indispensable good helper. 
Coating evenly, cover a transparent film, and then covered with a printed good pad Films, with plexiglass compression, sun, dry, light to remove the organic solvent to wash the ink pad, and then the sun , OK 
UV light-cured solder resist ink, over the net performance, fast curing, strong adhesion, chemical resistance and insulation, single-sided circuit board solder with. 
Viscosity: 25 Degrees Celsius ,200 ± 50PS with good thixotropy particle size: <15n 
Curing conditions: 80W/cm × 3 high-pressure mercury lamp, irradiation distance of 10cm 4-6m/min 
Adhesion: 100/100 
Hard: 5H 
Resistance to soldering heat: 260 ° C ± 5 ° C for 10 seconds x 3 times 
Solvent resistance: the trichloroethane boil 2 minutes off 
Insulation resistance: more than 1 × 1013 of the normal 40 ° C RH 95% 72 hours after the 1 × 1012 
Dielectric strength:> 500V/mil 
Storage: temperature 22 ± 2 ° C, humidity 55 ± 5% RH 
Note: The full mixing prior to use 
Special Note: The use of this ink can not be diluted 

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