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2018 Early T-shirt Women’s Key Trends: Print & Pattern

The early autumn series is more sophisticated, elegant print woven fabrics and special occasion clothing are influential. Cross-season styling, mature suits and party dresses have become more commercial and more manageable. The flowers became popular, but they began to make way for the refurbished classic designs. They first appeared on the T station in the spring and summer of 2018. Designers look for inspiration from nature and country life. Forest flowers and landscapes have become an important trend. Traditional stripes, plaids and florals are colourful and have a new modern look. Interior decor is still an important source of inspiration, with luxurious decorative motifs and retro geometric shapes returning in a new color palette.

Wind blows
Cleverly combining vintage elements, designers infuse motion patterns for different sizes of wind and floral patterns. A wide variety of sweet retro maxi skirts and mid-length dresses, as well as beautiful lines of pajamas suits, are suitable for displaying feminine charm, while also suitable for work clothes and special occasions. Stylish swirl prints and colorful splicing backgrounds cater to young trends; deep backgrounds create a genuine winter look.

Rough Plaid
The bolder the better, the rugged plaids replaced the mainstream foreign plaids, bringing more personal style to the early autumn. Neutral blue-yellow background prevails, patch stitching and hitting color items reference the rock of the 90s, bringing new ideas to Plaid. Light pink and sky blue are full of youthful vigor. Personality jackets are very fancy and more avant-garde.

Animal stripes
The eye-catching animal stripes adorning the early autumn series inject new energy into suits, coats and individual knits. Big red, marine green and shallow tannin blue break the convention as the background; black and white is still a popular color. The large-scale painted zebra pattern and the tiger pattern have a significant visual effect, but the medium-sized smooth repetitive printing with a color background is more commercially attractive.

Country Camo
A variety of rural landscape prints and abstract symbols interpret sparse camouflage. The strong earth color system is the key to the overall appearance, and is in line with the current rural theme of women’s wear. Landscape printing is popular and bullish, suitable for advanced woven fabrics; appearance more casual and dynamic camouflage jacket suitable for younger women.

Forest flowers
Qasimi’s T-Tai show portrays “modern wanderers”, inspired by the application of the global culture to Plaid, which has different meanings in different societies. The T-Tai show features a sense of style, comfort and luxury style and sports style. Large blue bars are used for each style, while Madras Plaid singles use faded and rich autumn colors.

Mature geometry
Under the influence of upholstery, the trend evolved from flowers to David Hicks-style geometry, and simple repeating patterns were suddenly used in suits and dignified long-sleeved dresses. Designers use tiled structures for updates, creating designs that are different from traditional medium-sized designs. Rich dark satin, woven and sequins look mature. Box-type pleats and stiff pointy collar with a dense geometric print, dress and sweaters.



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