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A4 small universal flatbed printer UV printer A4 for Phone Case, T-shirt, leather,TPU with Grade A 6*500ml UV ink



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A4UV (4)


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Safe package:




CE certification for uv printer





product specs

Specifications Details
Model Number WBST3406-UV
Ink Type LED UV Ink
Printer Head for EPSON R330
Ink Color C M Y K W W
Print Size 16*30CM
Print Thickness 0-50MM
Advantage Directly printing on all materials,no need coating,also print white as well
Print Technology Non-touch piezoelectric type inkjet printing
Protection Build with max height position,which will help us to control the height
Up/Down Adjust by knob,easy for operation and not easy to broken the printer head
Print Speed


A4 size Borderless Photo: As fast as 163 sec


Print Weight 0-15KG
Ink System CISS System,Easy for refilling ink
Tray Metal Tray
Working Condition Temperature:20 degree-30 degree,Humidity 40%-70%
Print Software PhotoPrint,Acro RIP(Windows 2000,Windows XP,Win 7 System)
Connection USB2.0 Port
Power Require 110V/220V
Computer Sys Windows XP,Windows 2000/2003/7
Printer Weight 35kg(50kg with package)
Printer Size

650*470*430mm(with package 780*580*550mm


The scope of products material :

the material include acrylic, crystal, leather, plastic, mental, aluminum sheet, PVC, ABS, stone, ceramic tile, KT board,

wooden board,foam board, Fresh Flower,Textile,Pure Cotton/Fabric ,etc.,any flat surface can print,even within 3mm curve

surface is available. 


Products include:  

1x set A4 UV printer  
1 x pcs high quality USB data cable for free
1 x set RIP software and software printing for free
1 x set empty UV CISS for free
1 x  set solvent resistance needles and tube for free
2 X UV Ink Damper for free


Safe& Professional Packing :

The packing is firm to ensure the safe delivery.All fasteners have been labeled for easy identification.



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