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Flatbed UV printer spare parts Docan Flora Myjet Allwin Human Black UV ink filter 60mm 5UM 10pcs for sale


Item name — Long Ink filter


Suitable — For   Gongzheng / Flora / Allwin / Human / Intiniti / Phaeton / Leopard printer  


Size — Diameter of ink filter connector is 5mm ,60mm long,suit for ink tube with 5mm x 3mm or 6mm x 4mm size


Pay attention please :


    There are White and Black color and 60mm / 80mm length available ,White one suit for Inkjet solvent printers ,black one suit for both inkjet solvent printers and UV printers .


   This link is for "60mm long ,black one " ,please leave a message if you are in need of other size and color .thanks .


Item picture show : 






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Packing details : 


    Inner Package : Transparent plastic bag 

    Outter package :  Safetypacked by cartoon box





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