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sale belt width 400mm uv light curing machine,uv ink curing machine,table uv curing machine

sale belt width 400mm uv light curing machine,uv ink curing machine,table uv curing machine

table uv curing machine Uses

This machine is suitable for UV photosensitive coatings, inks, coating agent is then followed by injection-type or print multiple materials in an instant surface cured and dried.

1. Printing: widely used in screen printing, lithography, letterpress printing, self-adhesive trademark, metal nameplate, PC, PVC, ABS, PS, acrylic, special multi-long, glass, ceramics, electronic components, single-sided circuit board Wait.

2. Painting: the shiny wood surface coating, paper coating, plastic floor tiles, PU leather into polishing, fiber optic lines and other surface coating.

3. Next: the circuit board CHIP components and then, a variety of electronic parts, glass and then, and LCD, sealed plastic terminals of then.

4. CASTING: the decorative color plate ware, decorative wear products (buttons, brooches, hair clips, belt buckles, etc.).

table uv curing machine Features

1. Instant dry, high production efficiency.

2. After drying make the surface achieve high hardness, high gloss, abrasion resistance, solvent effect.

3. Drive with roller transmission, frequency stepless speed regulation.

4. Conveyor offset prevention, to ensure smooth delivery.

5. High quality and efficient lamp, lamp room compulsory heat, extend lamp life, the protection of dried goods will not heat deformation.

6. Case body surface all spray, nice, corrosion-resistant.

The machine innovative design, reasonable structure, effective working area, full-function, easy operation, easy maintenance and adjustment, low noise, high reliability, low cost, low energy consumption, high production efficiency.

(Note: the machine out of the box, you should read the instructions before use)

table uv curing machine Parameter:

Item Number: UV-400-2

Feeding/ outer length: 400/400mm

Feeding height: 80mm

Lamp Power: 3KWx 2piece

Belt Width: 400mm

Belt Material: Teflon

Conveyor motor: A.C electric speed adjustment 25W

Exhaust Fan power: 85W x 1 piece

Usage of UV lamp: 600 to 800 hours

Material: Good cool plates

Voltage: 380V

Total Power: 6.1KW

Dimension: L1500x W860X H1200MM

Weight: 220 kgs 


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