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How to configure the number of screen meshes and outlets is appropriate?

The number of screen meshes and outlets only have a certain relationship when copying continuous originals. Screen printing
Brush technology to copy continuous color originals, if it is directly used to continuously adjust the photographic film to print screen printing plate, and printing can not get
Same as the original copy of the original. Because the screen printing plate only shows two states, that is, the mesh part of the graphic and text is open, non-graphic
Parts of the mesh are closed and closed. And because one size of screen mesh size and arrangement rules are unified,
Therefore, the amount of ink passing through the screen mesh during printing is substantially equal, so that the level change of the original image and text cannot be expressed.
In order to make the depth change of the original pattern fully reflected on the screen plate, it is necessary to continuously adjust the original
Into a negative film. The changes in the depth of the manuscript will be expressed in terms of dots of different sizes and uniform density.
The high density parts of the screen printing plate have a large area of ​​dots, the parts with a low density have a small area, and the parts with the same density have a small number of dots.
The product is the same, the distance between the point and the center of the point is equal, and it is regularly arranged at a certain angle.
With this dot counterprinted screen printing plate and printing, continuous reproduction can be obtained. Density communication
Commonly used line number. The unit notation is: line/inch or line/cm. Meaning means the dots arranged within the unit length.



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