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2018 35th China International Screen Printing and Textile Printing Exhibition

Exhibition time: March 26-29, 2018 (extension period 4 days)

Exhibition address: Kunshan, Jiangsu Huaqiao International Expo Center (Direct Shanghai Metro)

Organizer: China Screen Printing Industry Association National Printing Alliance (Dippers)

Exhibitor Contact: 0086+ 13699211822 Yuan Kerun

Why exhibitors:

Strong and powerful exhibition team: The China Screen Printing Industry Association has a strong alliance with Di Peisi, years of experience in screen printing and industrial printing and printing, combined with strong resource advantages, to promote the interaction between screen printing and industrial printing. Cross-border and deep integration.

· Excellent geographical position: close to Shanghai, direct subway, take the lead in Shanghai, dislocation function of Suzhou, Kunshan industry collaboration, unique based on the geographical advantages of Shanghai radiation Yangtze River Delta.

·Professional pavilion: The total area of ​​215,000 square meters, 7 column-free professional exhibition hall, a total of 70,000 square meters, supporting parking spaces up to 1700.

• Excellent timing for purchase: The industry opened its first year of exhibition to assist exhibitors and visitors to trade during the gold purchase period.

The China Screen Printing Industry Association’s China Textile Expo (CSPIA Expo.) has gone through 34 years and has its footprints in key areas such as screen printing, textile printing and special printing industries in South China, East China and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The 35th Exhibition to be held in 2018 will further promote the transformation and upgrading of the screen printing industry in the areas of automation, intelligence, linkage, green and digital, and vigorously promote the cross-border development of screen printing and digital printing in the industry of screen printing and textile printing. Green, efficient, intelligent, digital China screen printing and digital printing industry exhibition.

China Screen Printing Industry Association and the National Printing Alliance (DPES)

Together to create a professional exhibition of deep integration of screen printing and industrial printing

The National Jet Printing Alliance (Dippers) is a national industry organization for the printing and equipment equipment industry in China. It holds an advertising and printing industry’s flagship exhibition in the spring of spring in Guangzhou, occupying 80,000 square meters of six exhibition halls. To become an influential international exhibition for advertising industry in South China and Southeast Asia.

The China Screen Printing Industry Association and Di Peisi will work together to lay out the Yangtze River Delta, and leverage each other’s strengths to create a strong momentum, which will greatly promote mutual cross-border and in-depth integration of screen printing and industrial printing, and utilize both the board of directors and the general membership resources. We will strive to create a one-stop professional exhibition in the screen printing, textile printing, digital printing, special printing, and advertising printing industries in the East and Yangtze River Delta with great growth potential and kinetic energy.

Learn US SGIA, Screen Printing, Textile Printing, UV Industrial Printing, Digital Printing, Special Printing Full Coverage

As a Chinese national member of SGIA International Screen Printing and Special Imaging Association, the China Screen Printing Industry Association Council maintains close communication and contact with SGIA and maintains regular communication on the development of global screen printing industry and international cooperation. The professional screen printing exhibition sponsored by the association has increased the digital printing, UV industrial jet printing, special printing and new decorative materials and processes, which has become the development direction of the international screen printing exhibition.

Based on Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, in-depth development of textile printing industry

World textiles look at China, and Chinese textiles look at Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai have become one of the most important gathering areas in China’s textile and garment printing industry. The total output value of the textile and garment industry in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai exceeds 50% of the national total output value. The East China Textile and Apparel Trade Zone is undoubtedly one of the most developed areas in the Chinese printing industry and is the largest sales market for printing equipment, printing technology and printing materials.

The China Screen Printing Industry Association has held national annual printing industry conferences and technical forums in Suzhou, Ningbo, Nantong, Shaoxing, Huzhou, Yiwu and other places, and has mastered the comparatively systematic printing big data resources. In addition, relying on the platform of the Association’s Textile Printing Committee, we will use the national printing WeChat group, regional groups, exhibition groups, member groups, council groups, overseas groups and other resources to increase the three-dimensional publicity of the exhibition; before the start of the association secretariat Will pay close attention to local businesses, and strive to fully cover users.

Boosting Screen Printing’s Transformation and Upgrade to Automation, Intelligence, Linkage, Green and Digital

Under the general trend of machine substitution and strict control of VOC emissions, the traditional screen printing industry is experiencing rare challenges and opportunities. The application space of new equipment and new materials, such as automatic wire-screen printers, screen printers and digital inkjet printers, low-solvent inks, and UV-LED inks, will be very broad. Enhancing the added value of screen printing technology and increasing the contribution of innovation to development are the key directions of this exhibition.

2018 China International Network Printing Exhibition will further expand to the field of automation and efficient green screen printing and textile printing, industrial UV printing, digital printing and high value-added special printing and other fields. Combine strengths, leverage each other, create momentum, and create multi-platform, multi-channel, multi-channel screen printing, textile printing, digital printing, special printing, advertising, printing, and other large customer sharing, and promote the effectiveness of the exhibition.

Exhibitors Contact Organizer: China Screen Printing Industry Association

Contact/Contacts: Yuan Kerun

Tel/Tel: 0086+010-67167561

Fax/Fax: 0086+010-67161520



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