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NMT-159 Printing Adhesive Shows New Charm

In the 1950s, the rapid rise of petrochemicals and polymer science gave rise to a wide variety of synthetic polymer binders. In view of the disadvantages of the traditional dyeing process, such as complicated dyeing process, high cost, long processing cycle, etc., dyeing and printing of paints have arisen in foreign countries. The advantages of paint printing adhesives determine the feel and fastness of printed fabrics, as well as the yellowing effect of the adhesives, which affects the color and brightness. Therefore, adhesives play an important role in paint printing.

China’s production of adhesives began in the 1960s. Due to the development of paint printing, it has promoted the accelerated development of printing adhesives. After the efforts of researchers at home and abroad, the current printing adhesives have solved many problems in the past, such as transparency, adhesion to pigments, and Fiber adhesion, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., but also generally have the hand, poor color fastness, especially the wet rubbing fastness is not ideal and other shortcomings. Compared with other similar foreign countries, there are still gaps in hand, color, fastness and stability, compatibility, chemical resistance, and solid content, but in improving the application performance of adhesives and exploring new synthetic processes There have also been many studies in China.
NOMANT Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NOMANT”) has been specializing in the research, development, production and sales of printing additives for 20 years, especially in terms of adhesives. The company attaches great importance to it, and is the first domestic adhesive customization manufacturer.

The company has a strong production capacity, with an annual output of 20,000 tons of high-quality printing additives. With a number of industry-leading technical experts to assist manufacturers to solve the actual problems of printing and dyeing production; the company has a professional printing additives laboratory, leading research and development technology, oriented to the industry’s technology trends, and constantly introduce new products.

NMT-159 non-formaldehyde washable printing adhesive is a high-quality product recently launched by NOMANT. It is specially developed for high-grade imitation reactive printing. It is suitable for circular nets, flat nets, etc. on cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabrics. Paint printing process. The product’s fastness, feel, color yield and other technical indicators are better than similar products in the market, excellent overall performance, cost-effective, environmentally friendly formaldehyde-free, suitable for infant textile printing, in line with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standard.

Safety and environmental protection without formaldehyde

In China’s increasingly environmental-friendly environment, there are still many products on the market that have environmental problems, including excessive levels of formaldehyde and excessive levels of soluble heavy metal ions. NOMANT’s NMT-159 printing adhesive content is better than the national textile printing industry standards; soluble lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury content is lower than the national standard. From the product, we can see that NOMANT as a large company, and resolutely implement the environmental protection concept of responsibility.

Dry and wet friction fastness

Currently, products on the market have poor color fastness, low friction and dryness, and hard handfeel. The dry and wet rubbing fastness of textiles on the market is grade 3, and Xiaolong’s ZL-159 printing adhesive has a pole. Good resistance to washing and wet and dry fastness, dry rubbing, wet rubbing can reach a level 4 or higher fastness, washing does not fade, under the same level of fastness ZL-159 printing adhesive can guarantee its excellent feel; NMT -159 hand feel is good, close to the active printing feel; good compatibility, bright color printing full, clear outline, high color yield; excellent thermal stability and mechanical stability, no plug mesh, filming is good, no yellowing.

Factory direct sales price higher than similar

In today’s increasingly fierce competition, cost control is very important for printing companies. High printing costs, high product costs, and poor market competitiveness mean that companies are facing elimination. How to reduce costs while ensuring product quality has become a One of the issues that printing companies need to think about. The same quality, cost performance is higher than 15% of similar products; at the same price, NMT-159 printing adhesive has better performance, and it can guarantee the quality of the products under the premise of saving cost for customers. This undoubtedly makes NMT-159 become “Sweet potato.”

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