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The 9th China Yiwu Printing Industrial Equipment Exhibition

9th Yiwu Printing Technology Industry Exhibition

Time: April-April 3, 2018 Venue: Yiwu International Expo Center

Organizer: Yiwu Chuangjie Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huabo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: Zhejiang Printing & Dyeing Industry Association Zhejiang Knitting Industry Association Wenzhou Printing Industry Association

Yiwu Leather Industry Association Shaoxing Printing and Dyeing Industry Chamber Jinhua Printing Industry Association

Strategic Cooperation (Sponsoring) Unit: Warmly recruit and create brand-name product strategies (please contact us for details)

Previous Profiles Create a Grand Event

The Yiwu Printing Industry Exhibition with the aim of “facing the world and serving the country” has been successfully held for 8 sessions. It was held at the Yiwu International Expo Center in April each year. It won the praise of many exhibitors with its professional and international features. Favor. It has become the largest, most influential and most effective exhibition in the printing industry. The 9th China Yiwu Printing Industry Exhibition will be held at Yiwu International Expo Center from April 1-3, 2018. The exhibition perfectly displays the entire digital printing industry chain. The exhibition will use printing materials, various types of digital printing equipment, and terminal printing applications. Combine the big printing links, implement and integrate the entire printing and upstream terminal industry chain, and truly cover the entire printing industry chain. The Expo is based in Yiwu, China, and radiates across the country, linking more than 200 countries worldwide. The exhibition will focus on foreign brands and high-quality products, global high-quality buyers, and integrate all the advantages of resources. Relying on the current national strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative, the advantages of Yishen Europe and other international trains and the superior market and industrial advantages of the global commodity capital, assisting the development of the printing industry and the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and greatly enhancing the appeal and influence of Yiwu Printing Exhibition. Exhibitors and visitors provide a more efficient and higher-quality one-stop printing industry trade exchange platform for multi-party win-win results.

Previous exhibitors: Beijing Yunyuan, Xiangyu, Huangye, Chaomeng, Shengquan, Haishu, Guan Wu, Zhongwang, Batonan Li, Aojie, Tianyuan Desai, Changyang, Tuo, Wan Lida Many well-known brand manufacturers, such as Mingyang Digital, Yuhao, Jiabang, Saisun, Edson, Jiacai, Yihui, etc., have enthusiastically participated in the exhibition with their advanced equipment. Covering digital printing, digital printing, textile printing, industrial digital printing, transfer printing, universal printing, silk screen printing, digital imaging, etc., gathering and displaying new technologies and new products in the industry. The 8th exhibition area covers more than 30,000 square meters. In meters, the three-day exhibition received a total of 26,532 professional buyers, among which 3,266 were foreign merchants. The exhibition site had a turnover of 189 million yuan and foreign trade orders of 56.75 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.6%. It was an annual industry event that was indispensable. Exhibitor advantage

[Share International Market] Yiwu Market is a window to the world, with relatively sensitive market information and strong resilience. The number of resident representatives of foreign companies in Yiwu reached more than 3,000, and more than 13,000 foreign merchants resided in Yiwu for international purchases and over 300,000 visitors per year. Each year, the number of overseas tourists entering Yiwu reaches 445,000. At present, the passenger flow of 200,000 passengers per day in Yiwu constitutes a large buyer group.

【Industry Basic Zero Distance】—Yiwu is an internationally famous commodity distribution center. Over 60% of the Yiwu market is inseparable from the support of the printing industry. Supporting industries and industries are closely related to one another and influence each other. The exhibition focuses on printing in Yiwu and surrounding areas. More than 2,000 companies involved in related industrial chains such as textiles, garments, small commodity manufacturers, and material manufacturers have participated.

【Contemporary Events】 During the exhibition, printing industry conferences, seminars, and workshops were held to expand the industry’s new ideas and share trends in the printing industry that will lead the future.

[Sizable Purchasing Resources] Chuangjie Machinery Exhibition has been successfully held for 8 sessions. It has a huge audience database and has a wealth of customer resources. It has cultivated a large number of fixed and stable purchasing groups. We will rely on a large industrial market, professional advocacy team to create the most professional packaging technology industry exhibition, for the major companies to open up the international market to provide the best trade promotion, trading platform!

[Multiple Omni-directional Promotions] The printing exhibition will adopt a brand-new promotion mode. The online, offline and event trinity will be promoted in an all-round manner so that the exhibitors’ products will be branded with wings and the needs of buyers will be accurately matched. Online, through the exhibition official website, Yiwu Printing Exhibition Purchasing Network, WeChat public platform, official Weibo, EDM advertising for multiple promotion of exhibitions and exhibitor information; more than 100 professional websites, more than 60 traditional portal sites to promote all aspects of new exhibitors. Under the line, hundreds of thousands of exhibitions of Yellow Pages magazines in each period, regular delivery and postal promotion throughout the country, a summary of the buyer’s procurement needs; more than 30 newspapers, television stations all-round focus on the latest information on exhibition exhibitors.

Content : If you are involved in the following industry fields, please register for the exhibition or exhibition

1. Textile technical equipment and materials for textile industry 2. Glass and ceramic industrial printing technology equipment and materials

3, wallpaper, leather industry printing technology equipment and materials 4, carpets, advertising, outdoor supplies, technical equipment and materials, etc.

Printing equipment: digital printing machine (inkjet system), thermal transfer, computer integrated inkjet network system, computer color separation system, computer color matching system, ink jet printing before and after processing equipment and accessories, laser cutting, laser engraving / Labels / Embroidery, Laser Cutting, Embossing Equipment, Cold Transfer Printing Equipment, Flat Screen, Rotary Screen Printing Machines, Oval Fully Automatic Printing Machines, Drying Equipment, Heat Transfer Machines, Octopus Printing Equipment, Printing Runners , Blu-ray (violet light) plate making equipment, pulping equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment, electrostatic flocking machine assembly line, box type, sprinkler type flocking equipment. Screen printing equipment, fabric printing equipment, transfer equipment materials, silk printing auxiliary equipment and materials, equipment accessories, silk screen printing ink, printing paste, silk screen and printing materials, paint color paste, heat transfer materials, hot Painting equipment and so on.

Printing materials: Inkjet inks, sublimation inks, ink-jet printing pre- and post-processing aids, thermosetting inks, water-based inks, transfer inks, plate-making materials, printing pastes, printing aids, printing coatings, glitter powder, printing and dyeing assistance Agents, resins, pastes, adhesives for pastes, silicones, hot-melt adhesives, foil stamping papers, heat transfer papers and transfer papers, flocking adhesives, flocking aids, etc.

Others: Platemaking equipment, screens, emulsions, thermal transfer printing, water transfer printing equipment, materials, machinery; various patents, technologies and software related to textile printing, professional newspapers, magazines, and media. Concurrent activity textile digital printing market demand sharing session

Yiwu Printing Industry Conference (invites thousands of Yiwu commodity companies to participate)

Digital Printing New Application Solutions Sharing Session Textiles Digital Printing Design Trend Digital Printing Green Development Summit Forum Traditional Printing and Dyeing Enterprises Entering the Digital Printing Advantage Analysis Digital Printing Status and Latest Trends China’s Clothing Printing Industry Development Trend Belt and Road Printing Industry High-end Matchmaking Session Digital The new printing technology and new product promotion invite the target audience to purchase and visit; 1 garment printing, digital printing processing, home textile fabric textile, transfer heat transfer processing

2 Screen printing, industrial digital printing, universal color printing, transfer printing, thermal transfer printing

3 advertising printing, packaging and printing, banner banners, wallpapers, decorative paintings, leather printing, colorful glass, art glass, ceiling decoration industries and various types of digital image thermal transfer products

4 shoes, bags, webbing, printed textiles, clothing labels; furniture patterns, ceramic patterns

5. High-precision screen printing for plastics, hardware products, screen printing, electrical accessories, touch screens, and circuit boards

6. Domestic and foreign agents and distributors of equipment and materials



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