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The collision between the strength of speed and quality Mr. Okumura, Minister of Sales of Brothers Machinery Business China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

On November 23, 2017, SDPE&DPTC 2017 closed successfully at Pazhou Poly World Trade Center Expo. The SDPE&DPTC 2017 exhibition brings together the strength companies in the industry’s entire industry chain and provides a good display platform for each company’s products. Brother walked in the forefront of the apparel printing equipment industry, carrying its heavyweight new products – GTX participated in the exhibition. During the exhibition, Collection Printing Network/Printing World was honored to once again interview Mr. Omura, Minister of Sales of Brother Machinery Business (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. This special interview focused on “GTX products” and then extended to Brother’s corporate philosophy, product development and brand strategy.

Reporter: Hello! I am very happy to have an interview with your company again at the show. Compared to the first two years, your company has achieved a significant leap in the domestic market and has a very high popularity. What is your company? Do it?

Mr. Omura: Customers choose us. One is to trust our product quality. Since 1999, Brother has started to research and develop digital apparel printers. With the support of our sufficient technology, strong product R&D and rich industry experience, we have the ability to meet the needs of our customers and continue to provide better products to our customers. and service. In the production process, strict quality management systems are in place, and the quality of each link is strictly controlled. At the same time, the employees are given intensive training to continuously improve their overall quality and service awareness, so as to ensure the continuous and stable supply of satisfactory products to customers.

Second, we can meet customer needs. In the process of service, we follow the “At your side” spirit of “customers first” and attach importance to customers’ feelings. We listen carefully to the needs of our customers and develop targeted solutions to the different needs of our customers. The added value of the product to better serve the customer. In 2015, the GT-3 series of garment digital printers that entered the Chinese market has made many contributions to the development of the customers’ business with its high-quality printing quality and efficient and simple operation. In October this year, GTX was again launched to surprise customers.

Reporter: Your company’s GT3 series of digital apparel printers entered the Chinese market only in 2015. What was the opportunity to develop this product?

Mr. Omura: Our company was established in 1908. In 2005, the first model GT-541 was launched. In 2015, the GT-3 series was sold in China. We have discovered that with the rise of digital printing, the drawbacks of screen printing are gradually exposed and will be gradually eliminated by the market. The digital printing market is based on the advantages of refinement, individuation, and environmental protection, and it has become less of a threat. The speed has entered everyone’s vision and has become a new direction for future industry development. We are also aware of this, and feel that this is a good opportunity for development. We also hope to bring more personalized and customized services to our customers through our print solutions to meet the different needs of our customers and bring benefits to our customers. This is also the original intention of developing this machine.

For the Chinese market, we attach great importance to it, and it is also an important base for the future development of our company. It has a huge customer base, huge market demand, and there will be greater potential and growth opportunities in the future. At present, the GT-3 series digital clothing printer has entered the Chinese market for two years, and has also achieved outstanding results and is well received by the users.

This correspondent: I understand that the GTX series is a heavyweight product for your company’s participation in this exhibition. What are the strengths of its advantages?

Mr. Okura: This new product was the first official foreign show. It attracted a large number of audiences to understand and feel the love of our products in their words. Old customers feel that the device is at a speed compared with the previous products. The color and vividness of the colors are all superior, and they are very satisfied with the final finished product.

In order to meet the needs of customers for high-efficiency and high-quality printing, this new product adopts a print head independently developed by Brother. The printing speed is greatly improved. The maximum print range is 406.4mm x 533.4mm, even if it has a relatively high distance from the printed matter. Ensures high-precision printing and provides powerful support for users’ business. Innobella Textile, the new ink incorporating advanced technology from Brother, achieves a print resolution of 1200dpi x 1200dpi, with outstanding color expression and sharpness, and fastness to washing. Huge improvements.

Our company has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development and is actively working to reduce environmental impact and reduce customer costs in all aspects of corporate activities. In this product, this concept was also continued. The moisturizing system and the white ink circulation system not only reduced the number of manual maintenance, but also significantly reduced maintenance costs. In addition, replaceable ink bags have also been developed to reduce plastic waste. Through live demonstrations, the features of the device’s various functions are presented at zero distances, which not only brings visitors an intuitive experience, but also helps to promote our cooperation with customers.




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