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Eco-paint printing – let life change

The development and research of ecological textile technology has received extensive attention. The pre-processing, ecological processes for dyeing, printing, and finishing, and ecological dye auxiliaries are all continuously researched and developed, providing alternatives for the implementation of cleaner production in the process of dyeing and finishing. Measures.

The application of ecological printing technology and ecological dyes, coatings, pastes and additives: The ecological printing process should first use dyes, coatings, pastes and additives that are harmless to the human body, and prepare pastes with environmentally friendly pastes. Natural paste, and the development of high thickening ability, easy recycling of environmentally friendly paste, this is the way to achieve ecological printing process.

Application of paint printing process is simple, short process, no water, no sewage or less sewage in line with the principle of clean production, should develop and apply environmentally friendly coating binder, thickener, and disable the oil emulsification paste.

The use of digital inkjet printing, the process is simple, without network proofing, high degree of automation, rich colors, high resolution, no environmental pollution, is the real ecological high-tech printing process, the future will develop rapidly, the current urgent need to develop universal Strong, low cost, no need for pre-treatment coating ink.

The use of transfer printing: Currently widely used for the sublimation dye transfer printing, is researching and developing a new type of thermal diffusion transfer printing and reactive dyes and other ionic dyes wet transfer printing (but still need to wash and discharge the sewage after printing.) If you use paint Transfer printing, printing without baking and washing, no sewage discharge, but the higher the requirements for coatings and adhesives, and thermal diffusion transfer printing is one of the most promising imaging technology.



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