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Application of color-changing paint printing

In the past, a discolored garment has appeared in foreign markets. This garment is originally gray and velvety. It wears on human body and it changes to light red and green due to the influence of body temperature. The product has a unique function and caters to the customer’s psychology. Especially young people are welcome. Nowadays, the world leader in the research and production of such thermochromic coatings is Matsui Pigment Co. of Japan and Merck Chemical Co. of the United Kingdom. Both of them have developed their own color-changing paint series. Printed with a color-changing paint, it can release fragrances depending on the season, region, and day, morning, afternoon, and evening.

At present, the concept of fragrance printing has been expanded to “breath printing”, which not only produces scent effects, but also produces a variety of natural atmospheres, such as forest atmosphere, pine scent and pea blossom atmosphere. These atmospheres are similar to nature atmosphere. Can make people physically and mentally} Yu Shan, to produce a feeling of returning to nature, deeply welcomed by the city residents who live in downtown. At present, foreign countries have applied fragrance printing to the medical field and gradually developed into a medical aid. Research shows that scent has a great influence on people’s psychology and mood. It can relax people, reduce stress, relax muscles and help people improve their work efficiency. The

The dyes form microcapsules and are isolated from the other components in the print paste, while a plurality of different color dyes are each coated in the microcapsules and are also separated from one another, avoiding interactions. Only in the steaming process, the microcapsule wall breaks up and releases the dye to be dyed. This kind of paste can obtain a unique multi-colored micro dot pattern after one printing process. This kind of printed clothing gives people a “very colorful, near-looking flower” visual experience. With this device, the printing paint can be transferred to the surface of the fabric for electrostatic printing. Different from the paper copying, the fabric printing must be fixed after the copying in order to make the print pattern have a certain degree of fastness. Due to the high speed of electrostatic printing, the pattern can be printed directly on the fabric at a time J, which is simpler and more convenient than other printing methods currently used. It is a novel printing method with potential for development.

According to reports, this kind of photocopier that can make textile printing has been successfully developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States. As long as textiles have passed through three copiers one after another, they can print colorful patterns. The photocopier’s roller is coated with photosensitive material. The electrostatic charge forms a negative image on the roller. The toner passes through the roller and is absorbed in the charged area. When the fabric is in contact with the roller, it is negatively charged on the opposite side of the cloth. A positive image is formed, and the pigment is fixed to the cloth by the heating roller. In summary, all this has opened up a broader world for the expansion of clothing performance. To be precise, printing technology is an important part of apparel technology, especially today’s various unique modern printing technologies, will bring a more brilliant future for the garment industry.



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