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Hong Kong experts bring no watermarking technology to achieve zero environmental pollution

Recently, in the Keqiao Innovation Research Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology, located in Zhijiang College, experts from the Hong Kong-based waterless printing industry, Mo Qiongying, and any of Professor Zhechao, the chief of the Zhejiang-Hong Kong Innovation Fashion Research Center, discussed how the non-watermarking technology was promoted in enterprises. problem. Mo Yingying came to Keqiao from Hong Kong to promote the non-watermarking technology. They plan to visit several coastal printing and dyeing companies and explore ways to see how entrepreneurs respond to the lack of watermarking.

Mok Ying Hawk is a finalist in the “330 Overseas Talents Project” innovation in Shaoxing. He once worked for the Hong Kong Productivity Council. He told reporters that the Hong Kong Productivity Council has been developing a technology without watermarking for 18 years. It has invested 40 million Hong Kong dollars, and now there is no watermarking technology that is basically mature and can be promoted in enterprises. The Keqiao printing and dyeing company gathered, so he brought this technology and wanted to promote it in Keqiao.

Mok Ying told reporters that the general traditional printing and dyeing process, dyeing must use water, 1 ton fabric dyeing about the use of 200 tons to 250 tons of water, it will produce a large number of printing and dyeing wastewater, waste gas, and the biggest advantage of no watermarking is Instead of using water, it uses a medium, carbon dioxide, which is simply a function of carbon dioxide instead of water, and carbon dioxide can be reused in production. Therefore, no watermarking can achieve clean, zero-emission production. .

In addition to no sewage, waste gas emissions, there is no advantage of watermark dyeing. In the post-processing of fabrics, such as processing floating color, traditional printing and dyeing need to use a lot of hot water washing, and no watermark dye can be cleaned with carbon dioxide, reducing water Pollution.

As the saying goes, “Spring sowing a seed, autumn harvest ten thousand grain”, Mo Yuying came to want to be a sower, so that no watermarking technology can take root in Keqiao.



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