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Measures to be used in the operation of dye printing

1 The salt-based color base solution can be stirred and scraped with a stirring bar, and the bottom of the sedimentation bucket and the color base adhered to the bucket wall can be fully dissolved or scraped with a high-speed mixer.

2 The non-salt blocky color base can be ground by grinding machine, boiled in boiling water, or crushed under high-speed stirring and impacted and crushed. It can also be integrated and applied in several ways.

3 The non-salt powdery color base should be adjusted by slurrying method, that is, add a small amount of water and stir evenly, add a small amount of water, and stir well. This is repeated many times until the chromophore powder becomes a uniform slurry. Do not add too much water at a time, otherwise there will be “raw oysters” to form.

4 wetting or dissolving good color base, must use 60 ~ 80 mesh filter before diazotization, filter residue rework and dissolve. During the diazotization operation, the weight of sodium nitrite must be accurately measured and cannot be wasted when the material is taken. Otherwise, the same result as poor chromophore wetting and dissolution may occur due to the insufficient amount of sodium nitrite. Operators should also take different operational measures based on the characteristics of various colors. If the blue base BB is diazotized at a relatively high concentration (ie, a small bath ratio), the viscosity of the chromoyl hydrochloride solution increases sharply after the addition of hydrochloric acid, and the viscosity decreases sharply after the addition of sodium nitrite, often making the peripheral wall of the container. Adhere to many blue base hydrochlorides. So you must try to clean the shovel. At the same time, due to its slow diazotization reaction rate, after the addition of sodium nitrite, it should also be stirred at a low speed for more than 15 minutes to prevent the unreacted chromophore from depositing on the bottom of the container during the standing process and not being fully diazotized. If the red B color base diazotization using reverse operation, the speed of acid addition is slow, otherwise it will produce a large amount of sodium nitrite and produce a large number of foam overflow containers, and a large number of color base with foam overflow waste, affect the depth of color Red KB color base should first add acid and then add color base to prevent KB color base from directly agglomerating, due to its poor stability, diazotization concentration should not exceed 409/L, and must be used with .



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