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Specific requirements for ink deployment

1, the hue of the ink must meet the color design of the interior design, try to narrow the gap, and strive to consistent color.

2. The inks formulated are too thick and too thick, and the ink should have a certain viscosity and fluidity.

3, full version of the field of tobacco, wine packaging and decoration, trademarks must be added to a certain amount of red, white dry oil, can not exceed 5% of the ink, dry oil added will appear crystallization phenomenon, affect the ink matte, dry If there is less oil, there will be back-face stickiness. Therefore, the amount of dry oil should be appropriate and must not be too much or too little.

4, choose a good quality ink, different manufacturers of ink original ink nature and hue are not the same, the best choice for a manufacturer of ink products.

5, when the ink transfer to consider the nature of the printed paper, rough paper, ink absorption is strong, the amount of ink consumed when printing, grasp the difference between the temperature increase and decrease the dry oil into.

6, the deployment of the ink requires a one-time enough, there is a slight surplus, to avoid the amount of ink transfer is not enough to use the deployment, the printed out of the hue is different, the amount of ink transferred to cause more waste of the original ink.

7, for the packaging design out of the color draft, a detailed analysis, strict calculation and control of the original ink and the added dilute agent ratio.

8, after the ink is transferred out, the color sample printed on the machine should be carefully compared with the color draft, there should be prompt correction of the hue error, wash ink change color when the ink fountain, ink roller clean, under normal circumstances need to clean many times, Avoid ink wash color change unclean make ink color cast problem.

9, the composition of the mixing ink composition and the number of ink transfer records in detail, in order to archive the stub, the next time you repeat the printing as a reference.



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