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(1) Whiteness of printed fabric: The whiter the fabric, the brighter the fabric surface, the better the light reflection, and the better the fluorescence. The fluorescence printed on the white cloth is better than the printed cloth, and the fluorescence printed on the silk bleached poplin is better.

(2) Adhesives: The better the transparency of the adhesive after film formation, the better the fluorescence. The molecular vibrations of the adhesive components and the vibration of the electrons in the molecular structure of the fluorescent coating are compatible with the fluorescence. .

(3) The amount of fluorescent coating: The increase of the amount of the fluorescent coating is beneficial to the increase of the fluorescence. However, when the amount of the fluorescent coating reaches 30%, the saturation of the fluorescence is reached.

(4) Color Matching: Fluorescence will be greatly reduced if the fluorescent coating is blended with ordinary paint to adjust the color light.

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