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Improve the rubbing fastness of printed black FBRK on textiles

Fabrics printed with a printed coating black FBRK have poor rubbing fastness. A printing and dyeing plant started to study the friction fastness of paint black FBRK and found that:

(1) Acrylic KG-101 low temperature adhesive should be used. The dosage is 25%~30%, l05qC, 4rain can fix the film, after high temperature baking, the rubbing fastness can be guaranteed.

(2) Baking fixation is better than steam fixation. It is also not as good as the baking effect that the steam fixing color increases the time or raises the temperature.

(3) The addition of an appropriate amount of cross-linking agent can increase the rubbing fastness, but adding too much reduces the rubbing fastness, and it is easy to plug the net, and the hand feel is also poor.

(4) thick paste, poor fluidity, not easy to pass through the network iL, but it is conducive to improve the fastness to rubbing; thin paste, fluidity is too large, resulting in unclear outline pattern, there is osmotic phenomenon, and the friction fastness is thicker than About half of the color paste. When using water-soluble thickeners, it is best to use 3%-4% thickener to make the thickened slurry and then add it to the black slurry, otherwise it will be easy to agglomerate.

(5) The amount of paint black FBRK should be less than 10%. After careful consideration of human red, green, orange and chrysanthemum respectively, there is no obvious effect on the fastness, but the blackness is obviously improved, and the big fight is especially good. Should be below 2%.

(6) The same color paste is printed with a flat screen to obtain a dark color.



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