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Precautions for storage and storage of printing paste

Color paste storage should pay attention to the following items:

(1) The original paste and basic color paste to be used must be stored in a certain quantity, properly kept, and stored for a long period of time to prevent caking or reducing the composition of the cake. Different containers should be used according to different properties, covered with wooden lids, and the name and prescription should be marked. .

(2) Antifreeze work should be done before winter and leave. The prepared colorant and basic pulp should be stored in a cool place.

(3) Correctly control the amount of color paste, do less work, and compress the remaining amount of pulp.

(4) Dye liquid, raw paste, basic color paste, remnant pulp, etc. must not be easily thrown away.

(5) Remaining paste must be properly labelled, indicating the amount of main dyeing material, the amount of color paste, and the date of preparation, and be preserved according to different types and colors. The remaining pulp should be managed and the remaining pulp quality must be checked before use.



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