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Screen Printing Supplies

Two kinds of additives commonly used for direct printing of coatings

The first additive: a mixture of agents.

The coating itself does not have an affinity for the fibers and fixing agents must be used on the fibers. The diligence agent has a very important influence on the quality of the paint printing. In addition to the hand-feeling properties of paint printing, its fastness to rubbing is also a key indicator. Apart from the particle size of the paint itself, it depends to a large extent on the performance of the gel mixture. The smaller the coefficient of friction of the film after the film is formed, the smaller the coefficient of friction of the film. , the better the rubbing fastness. Therefore, adding a silicone smoothing agent to the paint printing paste can improve its friction resistance, and if the acrylic ester and the silicone monomer are used for copolymerization, the prepared silicone acrylic emulsion primer has the same hand feel and fastness to rubbing. There is a big improvement. The free formaldehyde on the paint-printing fabric is mainly produced by the hydroxymethyl or hydroxyethyl functional groups in the cross-linking monomer in the acrylate flavone mixture. Therefore, the use of non-hydroxymethyl or hydroxyethyl-based crosslinks must be used. Co-monomer made of a co-monomer, such as epoxy-based cross-linking monomer made of color mixture.

The first additive: crosslinker.

Cross-linking agents for paint printing produce one or more chemical bonds at the active sites in the staged copolymer. By increasing the adhesive strength of the film in the fiber industry and the strength of the strand itself, the wear resistance, heat resistance, and weather resistance of the paint can be improved. The cross-linking agents for paint printing are divided into four types according to their chemical structure: leg acid paraffin-type cross-linking agents; epoxy cross-linking agents without enimine-type cross-linking; acrylic amine-type cross-linking agents.



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