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Circular screen printing fabrics can be what kind of patterns and patterns?

Plastisol ink

Plastisol ink

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The advantage of rotary screen printing is that it does not take back marks, the printing speed is fast (up to 90 meters/minute), the printing uniformity is high, the defectiveness is low, the operation is simple, and the maintenance cost is low.
The disadvantage is that when the number of printing orders is small, the relative cost is high because the nickel unit cost is about 4-5 times higher than the flat screen. In addition, when the fine pattern is printed, the effect is slightly inferior to the flat screen due to the mesh structure of the rotary screen itself.
Since the rotary screen printing machine is basically fixed at 64.2 cm, and the flat screen printing machine can be unlimited, the flat screen printing machine has an advantage when printing high-grade fabrics.



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