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The finishing of flocking printed cloth, flocking printing after steaming, washing (such as water washing desizing is not clean, there will be the phenomenon of poor feel, even if the softener will not help) must be on the softener, which can make the fabric Get a better feel and drape. Softeners come from large categories. There are many types of softeners on the market today, and countless from the manufacturers. It is really important to choose a good softener. At present, silicone softeners are used more often, and silicone oils are also known. It is suitable for viscose and nylon.
Finishing of flocking calico

In short, flocking printing has just started in China, so that the plain flocking cloth becomes more colorful, eye-catching dazzling, how to improve the output and quality of printed flocking cloth need further exploration. A good processing method opens up a new field for the use of flocking fabrics.

At present, the flocking process has expanded from basic fabric flocking to flocking on various substrates such as wool, plastics, wood boards, plate-making, steel plates, and non-woven fabrics. Therefore, its use has become wider and wider. Cars, hotels, hall walls, clothing, clothing and other fields have a flannel footprint.

With the development of new and high technologies and continuous development of new fibers, the types of villus varieties have become increasingly widespread. Modal fiber is a green fiber developed in recent years. It has strong wet strength, viscose performance, and cost is close to viscose fiber. If this type of fiber fluff is applied to flocking, its wear resistance index is greatly improved. Another example is Tencel fiber A100 fiber, both viscose fiber water absorption, but also close to the strength of polyester. There are also some new blended fabrics that show off their heads. These new fibers will likely become new members of the fluff in the flocking industry. With the continuous development of villus, adhesives, flocking technology and finishing after printing and dyeing, flocking cloth will have a very broad prospect and far-reaching social benefits.



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