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How to print on leather Leather printing processing equipment

How to print on leather? Leather printing processing equipment, leather printing can be roughly divided into three ways, different printing methods have different characteristics, the following details for everyone:

First, dye printing. The advantage of this approach is that the feel is not affected. However, leather made from common dyes is easily steamed at high temperatures. The use of a 1:2 metal complex dye can avoid this problem by simply drying it, but the dye is expensive. Choosing a good dye makes textiles of good quality, fastness, bright colors, high strength, and does not require steaming and washing.
How to print on leather Leather printing processing equipment

Second, paint printing. This method is currently the largest amount of printing. Because paint printing can express gold and silver, coupled with hot film, the product is ever-changing, can express the leather noble, gorgeous features.

Third, transfer printing. Transfer printing is a kind of printing method most suitable for leather. It is divided into dry and wet methods according to the process. Dry transfer, mostly made of hot melt ink, printed on release paper or bopp film, and then transferred to the leather under hot press conditions. In wet transfer, a special solution is sprayed on the leather. Then by hot pressing, the dye on the transfer paper is dissolved in the solution and fixed on the leather. Leather transfer printing is currently the most advanced type of printing on leather. The fineness of the pattern, visual effects, and other methods are comparable.



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