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Manual printing and digital direct injection printing

The history of printing can be traced back to the birth of clothing. With the appearance of clothing, printing is naturally appearing in people’s eyes, and the original intention of birth is to interpret the pursuit of beautiful things for everyone.

In modern history, printing art has become a processing industry. The hand-printed industry has spread all over the world.

Hand-printed: commonly used in silk, synthetic fibers, knitted fabrics and cotton fabrics with high quality requirements. The manual printing operation has the technical nature and high technical requirements. The first step of the manual printing operation is the preparation of the semi-finished product, the second step of finishing and pasting the fabric, the third step of the above-mentioned processing is completed after the completion of the printing, the fourth step after the printing is finished, and the stepping up of the fabric is also the finishing work, and these processes, It is still necessary to have the top three skilled masters to operate at the same time.
Then when was the digital direct spray printing born?

Digital direct-injection printing: The rise of digital direct-injection printing dates back to the early 1960s. The initial development direction was simple barcode processing and product serial printing, referred to as inkjet. Because the limitations of technology at that time did not develop further, but with the development of the times at the end of the 20th century, computer technology applications have been widely used and used in the world, digital direct-injection printing technology is also riding this wind, in the field of printing Presenting a scene full of flowers.



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