Job Description: Our client in the Van Nuys area is seeking a Machine Operator to join their team to help them grow as much as they want to help you grow. Being one of the most innovative apparel companies in the current market, they value their employees and provide the… Continue Reading Screen Printing Machine Operator

In recent years, the Chinese economy has maintained sustained and rapid growth. As a big producer of textile products, the demand for dyes, auxiliaries and finishing agents is very large. This not only attracts chemical manufacturers in European countries and the United States, but also attracts the attention of chemical… Continue Reading The Latest Development Trend of Green Environmental Assistant Dyestuffs

The saturated solubility of the purified disperse dye is quite low even at high temperatures. The solubility of more than 40 disperse dyes measured at 25°C is only in the range of 0.1 m/l to 32 m/l. When the leveling agent is added, its saturation solubility in water will increase… Continue Reading Study on Solubilizing Effect of New Leveling Agents on Disperse Dyes

The large amount of paint printing adhesive is the key to ensure the quality of paint printing. Through several decades of improvement, the adhesive has made great progress in solving the hand and color fastness. Over the years, soft feel has been achieved by adjusting the ratio of soft monomer… Continue Reading The Status Quo of Paint Printing Adhesives and Research Dynamics

Product Description   This product is specially used to print for round corner, and suited to automatically print because of its high viscosity and fine viscosity stability when printing. It possesses great transparency and excellent softness. Features: 1.         Creates excellent transparency and is fit in overprinting. 2.         Possesses intermediate viscosity, is easy… Continue Reading Plastisol ink round clear

(1) Whiteness of printed fabric: The whiter the fabric, the brighter the fabric surface, the better the light reflection, and the better the fluorescence. The fluorescence printed on the white cloth is better than the printed cloth, and the fluorescence printed on the silk bleached poplin is better. (2) Adhesives:… Continue Reading Factors affecting the fluorescence of fluorescent printing coatings

Fabrics printed with a printed coating black FBRK have poor rubbing fastness. A printing and dyeing plant started to study the friction fastness of paint black FBRK and found that: (1) Acrylic KG-101 low temperature adhesive should be used. The dosage is 25%~30%, l05qC, 4rain can fix the film, after… Continue Reading Improve the rubbing fastness of printed black FBRK on textiles

Due to the increasing demand of customers for the quality of fabrics, especially the large number of orders for dark, multi-color and fine patterns, the difficulty of fabric processing has increased. After many years of production practice, we have concluded a set of relatively mature printing process for coating anti-printing… Continue Reading Paint anti-printing process and application notes

1 The salt-based color base solution can be stirred and scraped with a stirring bar, and the bottom of the sedimentation bucket and the color base adhered to the bucket wall can be fully dissolved or scraped with a high-speed mixer. 2 The non-salt blocky color base can be ground… Continue Reading Measures to be used in the operation of dye printing

In the printing of the sample, the hue of the ink is very important. If the ink is not well-mixed, the color difference may easily occur. Here’s a detailed introduction to ink coloring tips. In printing, the most basic colorants are three, yellow and magenta. These three primary colors can… Continue Reading Sample printing ink color tips