1, the hue of the ink must meet the color design of the interior design, try to narrow the gap, and strive to consistent color. 2. The inks formulated are too thick and too thick, and the ink should have a certain viscosity and fluidity. 3, full version of the… Continue Reading Specific requirements for ink deployment

At the press conference of the 13th National People’s Congress on March 12th, Yin Zhongqing, vice chairman of the Financial and Economic Committee of the 12th National People’s Congress, said that supply-side structural reform is to adapt to the new normal of China’s economy and effectively resolve the current economic… Continue Reading Traditional industries are not backward industries, and China cannot prematurely hollow out its industries.

The trend of the fashion circle is reversed. In just six months, at least six luxury brands have announced their participation in the international anti-animal fur camp. Versace, an Italian luxury brand that has always been associated with Fendi and LV and known as the fur giant, announced on Wednesday… Continue Reading In order to save costs, these luxury giants have refused to fur the animals

Recently, in the Keqiao Innovation Research Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology, located in Zhijiang College, experts from the Hong Kong-based waterless printing industry, Mo Qiongying, and any of Professor Zhechao, the chief of the Zhejiang-Hong Kong Innovation Fashion Research Center, discussed how the non-watermarking technology was promoted in enterprises.… Continue Reading Hong Kong experts bring no watermarking technology to achieve zero environmental pollution

Textile and garment companies across the globe are slowly but surely understanding the dynamics of bringing forth environmentally and sustainable products to the market. Increasing awareness levels is leading consumers to increasingly demanding eco-friendly clothing, more in particular for their children. It is difficult to put a finger on the… Continue Reading Eco-friendly products made under 6R’s more useful

Pearlescent printing is a special effect printing method. With the unique pearl luster, the textile printing surface creates an elegant, magnificent, luxurious, chic, soft and pleasing visual effect. It is unique in many printing methods and has become widely popular. A dress decoration technique. Pearlescent printing paste formula 12-15% 600… Continue Reading Pearly printing paste preparation and precautions

Several common problems and solutions in printing process production: 1, color migration Colors are added to the mortar to color, some of the colors will appear color migration, dark colors migrate to the light color flower position or the colored prints migrate to the white flower position, or the color… Continue Reading Teach you how to solve the common problems in the use of printed materials

In the past, a discolored garment has appeared in foreign markets. This garment is originally gray and velvety. It wears on human body and it changes to light red and green due to the influence of body temperature. The product has a unique function and caters to the customer’s psychology.… Continue Reading Application of color-changing paint printing

Thermal transfer technology can basically solve the printing of chemical fiber materials. For the digital printing of pure cotton fabrics, there are basically two kinds of direct printing and thermal transfer paper. This section mainly introduces the development of direct injection technology. The direct injection of cotton fabrics basically started… Continue Reading Thermal transfer technology can basically solve the printing of chemical fiber materials

The development and research of ecological textile technology has received extensive attention. The pre-processing, ecological processes for dyeing, printing, and finishing, and ecological dye auxiliaries are all continuously researched and developed, providing alternatives for the implementation of cleaner production in the process of dyeing and finishing. Measures. The application of… Continue Reading Eco-paint printing – let life change